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My story started in Detroit. After an early exit from high school, I apprenticed in a bronze-casting foundry before moving on to a GED, an undergrad philosophy degree at Wayne State University and a medical degree at the same. Then came a family practice residency in Colorado, an alternative practice in Boulder, and a fellowship at UCLA. My partner lured me to her beloved NYC, where we had the second of three great kids, I taught for a few years, and was board certified in Preventive Medicine before dragging her back to this near-fictional isle in the great literal West.

I'm currently working half-time as a family doc, making it the world's best day job, a solid dose of life and patient care that, when the stars align and in the absence of emergencies, leaves time to write and teach.

Aside from a few published studies, I began my writing career with the Zen of Science column for Nexus, covering topics from sex to homeopathy, yoga, massage, meditation, acupuncture, social connectedness, and the psychology of cancer survival. A decade ago I fell into fiction and have been addicted since. This led to the novels Resonance, Thrilling Romance (re-edited and published in 2014), The Mortalist (2008), a handful of short stories, and in 2012, How To Live Forever.

Please see the 'Get Book' page for easy links to short stories (gratis), the new eNovel above (nearly gratis), and trade paperback editions of How To Live Forever and The Mortalist (not-so-nearly gratis). Thanks for reading!